Pictures are now available for both Midwest Starz and Cathy Roe Ultimate dance.  

Images are sold per routine gallery at the rates listed below.  Click on a competition gallery below to see all the routines for each competition.  Please be sure to specify which routine(s) and competition you are purchasing, there is a note field on the final ordering page directly above the 'Place Order' button.

 - One routine - $15

 - Two routines - $28

 - Three routines - $40

 - Four routines - $50

 - Five routines - $60

 - All routines for single competition  - $80

 - All routines for both competitions - $100 - BEST VALUE

Orders can be made on my SquareUp online store: can also take orders on my phone if you see me at competitions.  Purchases will be delivered as full resolution files burned to a DVD(s). If you would prefer the files on a USB flash drive, please select and include that in your purchase. Orders should be delivered in 5-10 business days.

These are full resolution images, much higher quality than what you get at the competitions. Many hours were spent editing these photos. If you decide to make a purchase I appreciate and thank you for not sharing the files.

ALL routines from Cathy Roe were captured!  Due to tight schedules between both rooms at MWS I unfortunately missed 4-6 routines.